Robbinsdale High School Class of 1969
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First Grade Noble School
Mrs Christenson 1st Grade Northport Elementry
Northport Elementary
Class Photo of 2nd Grade at Lee Elementary School - Teacher was Miss Olson
Noble School 3rd grade w/Miss Bennett
Lee Avenue Grade School 4th Grade
Class Photo of 4th Grade at Lee Elementary School - Teacher was Miss Shield
Another blast from the past! Ms Ostrov's 5th grade class at Noble School
class of '69; the early years
Class of 1969 - Washington DC - April 1966
"Celebrate" from the '70s
Strange Days
Senior Madrigal, 1969. They got an "A" rating at State Finals. Members included Terry Lumley, Teresa Bierbaum, Dan Swain, Marni Burnham, Paul Wilson, Mike Nelson and others (not identified - sorry!)
"Funny Girl" publicity still appeared in The Robin's Tale and local papers. L to R: Pam Carlson, Jack Richter, Lucy DeLay, Gary Hoover, Roberta Lensink, Ron Allen, Paul Wilson, Lonnie Roepke, Ginny Jones, unknown chorus member, and Terry Lumley.
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