Robbinsdale High School Class of 1969
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Hi all;

Been fiddling with digital photography for a while;


Jeff Grab
Grandkids at the Zoo, Geraldine Sjoland

I love to take pictures, but usually it is of the grand kids. 

Geraldine Wolcenski
Alaska Trip

My eldest son moved to Alaska in 1991. A few years later he married, and they now have 5 children and 2 foster children. My last visit was a few years ago. My daughter and I went together, and had a wonderful time (of course!). I've been there several times, always breathtaking views and stunning scenery.

Debra Telle
Going Hollywood

I've been to lots of places in my life and I've recognized talent long before the Emmys and the Oscars.  This picture is of me kissing Sandra Bullock's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in 2005 (or 2006, I'm not sure).

Howard Schwartz
Long Neck Karens, Padaung Village, Thailand

In 2006 I visited Padaung Village in northern Thailand.  There live the Long Neck Karens, a Padaung Hilltribe.  The women wear the brass neck rings, getting their first around age 5.  Rings are added yearly, but are never taken off.  The women are the bread-winners, supporting their families by weaving textiles. The men are stay-at-home dads and teachers. The village has classrooms in huts, where the children learn language, math and geography.  Thailand is beautiful, and the food is absolutely delicious!

Fran Wagner

Fran Wagner
The Eagle Valley in the Colorado.


Just back from that way and the climate is near perfect.  What was striking was how HEALTHY everyone looked-in comparrisson to anywhere else on the planet you could name, that is.   We are pretty much stuck with either Minnesota or Arizona as "places to retire"-but EV is not that far from Old Arizona.

JEff RHS '69  

Baku, Azerbaijan

Pictures from my cultural exchange trip last September.



Patricia Ewer
Made Retirement...somehow.

Hi ya'll;

I retired from the railroad this past OCT and if there's one thing I came out of 33 years of railroad movements with it is a firm belief in guardian angels.  It was a great career but now it is time to forget all that and move Westwards-like I have been dreaming about since Junior High School (too many of those 50s Westerns?).  We are thinking Arizona and should have affairs here wrapped up this year.

Jeff G

Jeff Grab
The old city of Jerusalem in Israel

My wife Diana and I were walking along when I stopped this little boy standing in his doorway in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.  I got this picture before he turned.

Bruce Mills
Old City of Jerusalem in the Jewish Quarter.........

     My wife Diana and I were walking down the street and this little boy steped out from around his door.  I took the picture before he could close the door again.  I love the county.....


Bruce Mills
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